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Money and trade

VisionGastes’ office experience includes all financial and commercial activities, including foreign investment in the Kingdom, banking transactions and commercial contracts such as agency and distribution agreements and franchise agreements and their licensing and the necessary legal studies.


VisionGastes office helps its clients in dealing with the rapid and evolving growth in electronic commerce through negotiation and contracts in these areas such as developing web sites and internet service licenses and application software development agreements, in addition to providing consultations in the fields of copyright and protection of technical rights.


The Vision Justice office handles litigation in all courts of various degrees and types, in front of judicial and administrative bodies, as well as before quasi-judicial bodies and in front of dispute settlement and settlement committees.


VisionGastes’ office deals with all legal advice related to all types of companies: incorporation and registration of companies.

Real estate construction and development

Vision Justice office advises its clients on legal issues related to all real estate projects such as buying, selling, financing, building, renting and property management.

Working system

The office handles all matters related to work systems supported by extensive experience in drafting local and international employment contracts, litigation in related disputes, employers’ responsibilities, and procedures for employing and compensating employees.

Criminal system

The office has in-depth experience in the criminal law in force in accordance with Islamic law, in addition to his knowledge of the applicable statutory laws related to him in the Kingdom and in the judicial systems in the Arab region, with his extensive knowledge of practical and procedural aspects.

The Legacies

The office has a team that has significant experience in the distribution of inheritance and in court procedures and the termination of sukuk procedures in the notifications of justice and the competent authorities, and a distinct experience in representing clients before personal status courts in cases and evidence.


VisionGastes office provides documentation services for individuals, institutions and companies that include documentation of real estate sales contracts, division of movable money, agency documentation and transcription, real estate and contract rental contracts, company contract documentation, amendment annexes, decisions of those with authority, trademark actions and financial statements.

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